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12 Iowa Bands You Should Listen To Now

August 12, 2014
3. Dylan Sires and Neighbors

Hometown: Waterloo
Members: Dylan Sires, Ross Klemz, Graham Howland
There is a simple (and striking) beauty in the harmonies of Dylan Sires and Neighbors and they clearly know it; it’s central in every one of their songs With the porcelain voice of an early ’60s crooner, Sires is joined by the complimentary coos of Klemz and Howland that sigh so softly yet so spot on that it aspires to the highly regarded counter-melody-classes of, say, the Beach Boys or Everly Brothers. But there are also bongos and surfy guitars, warm pianos and subtle drum fills to strike a more energized pop/rock vibe for the crescendos.

The Milk Carton April 2014

Submitted by Jeremy

Live Review: Mission Creek Festival 2014 – Day 3
of Montreal, Dessa, Ark Life, Toki Wright & Big Cats, Dylan Sires & Neighbors

We’re only three days into Mission Creek 2014, and already I have to eat crow. I recently reviewed Dylan Sires & Neighbors two albums from last year, and while I felt the band was talented, I just didn’t connect as strongly to the albums as I had hoped. The group’s opening set on Thursday proved that yet again, I most likely have had my head up my ass. Everything that I had found fault with on record was rectified live. The band was able to deliver the spot-on three part harmonies and ebullient melodies with the same precision they do on record, but the live setting provided them with the ability to kick the songs squarely in the pants. Live, the band’s bright pop benefits greatly from being pushed right to the edge of the beat without dipping into sloppiness as well as the trio’s natural charm. Surprise number one is in the books.

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Cover of Bahrain Confidential
April 2014

Cover of Bahrain Confidential


Des Moines Music Coalition Blog – March 2014

written by DMMC volunteer contributor Jill Dykstra

GDP Band Hype: Dylan Sires and Neighbors

Since having seen Dylan Sires and Neighbors at 80/35 last summer – they have slowly become a favorite of mine in my musical rotation. The 3 piece band brings a lyrical energetic sense to their music. They are a cross between a 50’s feeling and Muse…and it oddly works!

The members each bring their own persona to the band as well – Dylan Sires is the lyrical songster, Graham Howland, his ginger-haired companion, drives the songs forward with his bass work and the stylish Ross Klemz is on drums. To watch them on stage is adventure and just pure fun…which is what it looks like they have on stage. Chemistry between band members is evident in every song.

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Waterloo Courier – February 2014

By John Molseed

WATERLOO |Dylan Sires and Neighbors are headed to a whole new neighborhood.


The Cedar Valley trio is planning a September tour in Japan and are asking for fan support to help them get there. The first of a series of fundraising concerts is scheduled for 7 p.m. Saturday at 220 East. Tickets are $10 at the door.

Tokyo-based record label This Time Records is arranging the tour schedule and hotel accommodations. The label specializes in power pop — a popular genre in Japan.

“Power pop has a huge following in Japan,” said Dylan Sires, lead vocalist and guitar player.

The label will run a print of the band’s recent album, “Someone.” The group will spend about six days in Japan and play an ambitious schedule of multiple shows in and around Tokyo.

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The Milk Carton
February 2014

In many ways, No One and Someone are perfect albums for those mid-summer afternoons spent boiling in a random field or side-street in Middle America. The twenty-four tracks between the two albums are full of bright indie-pop jangle not entirely unlike The Dirty Projectors without the brain trauma. Sires’ voice frequently feels like a falsetto floating around the proceedings in a haze of reverb while all manner of instruments from guitars to piano and back again craft impeccable melodies. The trio also has mastered the art of the three part harmony, giving each song an added level of songcraft that most pop-rock confectioners seem to forget. Dylan Sires & Neighbors bring an easy-going, island flavor to the proceedings, and it’s very difficult to not fall under the sway of the good vibes being spent forth over the course of these two albums.

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Band Bombshell blog December 2013


Dylan Sires and Neighbors–80/35 veterans and power pop kings of Iowa–have graced us with another music video. This time around, they show off their harmonizing melodies in a date night worthy ballad for their song “Persona Non Grata.” Go to Band Bombshell to read our Q&A interview with Bruce Bales.

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POWERPOPAHOLIC blog December 2013

8 out of 10

It’s not easy to pigeon-hole the Iowa based Dylan Sires and Neighbors. They definitely have a solid command of melody in the tradition of power pop, and are influenced by The Beatles, Vampire Weekend and 50′s styled balladry. The title track, “No One” is a bouncy piano melody with strong vocal harmonies and a Beatlesque beat. “In My Neighborhood” features a Harrison-like slide guitar and Dylan’s delicate crooning vocal. Quick tempo guitar riffs are main draw in “Save My Life,” and “Messenger” with its dense Rickenbacker textures similar to Mod-era Who. At points the instrumentation has a minimal lounge-like feel like on “Hold Me” and “Second Man.”

Another highlight is the Nilsson-like “Pictures of You” showing a vivid memory coming to life. “One Shot” is another compelling rocker, one thing for sure is that Sires has a unique sound combination and precise musicianship that will keep you interested all the way through. On Bandcamp is the follow-up Someone is ready as well. Both LPs are part of a three album trilogy titled No One/Someone/EveryoneEveryone will be released summer 2014.

BuzzFeed blog November 2013

The Best Indie Bands You’ve Never Heard Of (from IOWA)

This next band seems more like a blast from the past than a modern band at times, but we’re really ok with that.
Cedar Falls based Dylan Sires and Neighbors harkens back to the days of 50’s love songs, 60’s harmony laden tracks, and 80’s power pop. All with a modern flair a la Vampire Weekend.
With feel good melodies and a dynamic live show, they’re certainly a group you should consider adding to your music library.
Recommended listens:
Pictures of You:
Night Time:

Pulse Author: Aaron McNally, Waterloo Courier October 17, 2013

Just a few months after the release of their first full-length album, “No One,” Dylan Sires and Neighbors have eschewed moderation to release a second, equally ambitious contribution: “Someone.” In fidelity to the group’s self-declared descriptor, power pop, “Someone” is a perfect balance of melody and intensely rhythmic riff, delicacy and strength.

If the first track, “Good Ol’ Boy,” sounds uncertain as to whether it wants to be a sentimental reflection or an anthem, it’s not an accident. Drummer Ross Klemz is as accomplished in creating sophisticated and limber embellishments as he is in using force to strengthen the sound. Both skills are in full display here. In addition, Graham Howland’s always-well-timed bass creates a frenzied energy as much as it does a fitting undercurrent for Sires’ brilliant melody (sung in a fragile, yet commanding falsetto). Moreover, the entire trio intensifies the chorus boldly by singing long, loud notes in unison.

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I AM ENTERTAINMENT Magazine September 2013:
3.8 OUT OF 4
Don’t let the fact that Dylan Sires and Neighbors’ (DSN) are from Iowa, fool you. The
band’s latest 13 song release, “No One”, is a force to be respected. This album stands at
the crossroads of 2013 and 1966, blending elements of 21st century alternative pop-rock
with those of the music that made psychedelic tie-dye and VW peace vans cool. By
releasing a full LP, DSN not only goes against the conventional wisdom of today’s
indie/DIY movement where EPs are the cost effective way to test the market, this project
tells us that the boys from Iowa are not just hoping to break through. No One is a bold
declaration that DSN has no plans of going anywhere anytime soon.

There are a number of amazing songs on Dylan Sires & Neighbors’ LP, but of them all my
favorite has to be “Two Bad Brothers”. This particular song embodies the greatness of
DSN’s musical talents, and the band’s fearless approach toward creating music that is
thin on production and thick on everything else that makes a great song pop. From the
onset of the song, I drew a mental picture of Rick Grimes and Daryl Dixon from The
Walking Dead riding into a zombie infested area with shotguns blazing. This is one
powerful tune!

In addition to “Two Bad Brothers,” DSN plants their feet firmly and gives us a number of
awesome songs like: “Pictures of You”, “Save My LIfe”, and “In My Neighborhood” to
name a few. I could sit here all day and talk about every single song, but it wouldn’t do
you any good. Just take my word for it…this is an LP well worth skipping 2 cups of
Starbucks to get

Posted on Des Moines is NOT Boring Blog July 2013:

I like avant-garde. I like when people go out and try something really different with sounds and set-ups than what we’re used to. Even if it doesn’t appeal to me sonically, I have nothing but respect for people who try new things. Sometimes, what works best is taking what we are used to and subtly turning it on its ear.

Dylan Sires and Neighbors

Dylan Sires and NeighborsNo One is a pop rock album. It has elements of The Beatles and lots of post punk nods to the usual suspects, but also later alternative bands like Husker Du and such. The harmonies are pretty and spacey. The musicianship is above board and the lyrics are right at home, but on occasion they go a little away from the ordinary. However, that is such a small piece of what this album actually is.

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June 2013 Bio written by staff of 80/35:

There is nothing wrong with being pretty. Sometimes we purposely avoid beauty for the grunge and the mire in our art and our lives. We equate it with being soft. But in a world marred by ugly realities, it’s good to have a band like Dylan Sires and Neighbors around to bring beauty into our lives.

The Cedar Falls/Waterloo based power pop trio is the musical equivalent of a spring day. The three-part harmony is a gentle breeze and the music is the sun shining on your skin as you lie in a meadow. It is joyful without being in your face; it is subtle without being forgettable. Like the music of Fleet Foxes, The Beach Boys and other pop gos, it politely requests your attention in a way that’s so good, you’d be a fool to ignore it.

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Cityview June 2013 “Good Neighbor Policy” article:

Dylan Sires performing at the Gas Lamp.

Dylan Sires performing at the Gas Lamp.

Saturday at Gas Lamp was an evening highlighted by two Iowa bands with an awful lot in common. Dylan Sires and Neighbors and Holy White Hounds are both purveyors of high-energy, pop-infused rock, they are both power trios (live anyway; Holy White Hounds is officially listed as a duo) and they are both headed by ridiculously charismatic front men.

After a rousing opening set by Sioux Falls, S.D., four-piece Amos Slade, Dylan Sires and Neighbors kicked things off for the Iowa contingent. With his 1950s-infused style and on-stage energy, the titular Dylan Sires reminds me of a young Chris Issak. The Waterloo trio — comprised of Sires, bassist Graham Howard and drummer Ross Klemz — was certainly the poppiest of the three bands Saturday night, which served as a nice palate cleanser between the straight rock offerings of the opener and headliner. Dylan Sires and Neighbors is in the midst of the rolling release of its newest album, “No One,” and its set was heavy with songs from the album. “Pictures of You” may have been the strongest offering of the evening, but from beginning to end the set was tight and polished.

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